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Albin Groen


Email address:

Phone: +46720173749

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Work history

  • Lead Frontend Developer

    Demando | August 2021 - Present

    • Working as a Lead Frontend Developer on a web recruiting platform built using React.js and Typescript for the frontend, and Node.js, Typescript, GraphQL, and PostgresQL for the backend. Getting familiar with GCP (Google Cloud Platform.) and having the oppurtunity to influence a lot on design and architecture.
  • Web developer

    Dooer | August 2019 - June 2021

    • Lead frontend development architecture and decision making in an R&D team in fall of 2020. Some of the things I introduced include an organized design system and a new state management tool. This helped peers be more productive and less unsure about what technologies to use.
    • Developed a new way for potential customers to get a quote directly on our public website. I did this in close collaboration with a senior software engineer. This increased overall sales by about 15%.
  • Full Stack Developer

    Wopify | January 2018 - July 2019

    • Re-designed the business-facing recruiting application in close contact with stakeholders such as the CEO, CTO, and co-founder.
    • Architected and constructed a fully functional web application in React.js from the design specification we initially developed, in collaboration with a senior backend engineer.


I have worked a long time with web development. Starting with JavaScript HTML and CSS and learning the communication between server and client, and nowadays specializing in frameworks and tools like React, TypeScript, GraphQL, design-systems, and state management libraries. I have knowledge of a large scale of web development tools and services, but can't list them all here, so feel free to ask me.


1st place Northack hackathon

November 2019

2nd place OpenHack hackathon

November 2018

Most improved student diploma

June 2018


  • Accessible notes application

    Back in 2020, I embarked on a journey to solve my personal note-taking needs. I decided to build a fully keyboard-accessible notes application.

  • Interface diffing application

    To decrease the chance of shipping our site at Dooer with visual regressions I constructed a tool to inspect changes across several different environments.

  • Sthlm.js meetup talk

    Back in May 2020 I did my first ever public talk and spoke at the coding meetup group Sthlm.js about how I'm building my own visual regression testing tool.

  • Coffee and Code meetup

    A few years ago I started a coding meetup in my home city of Västerås. I'd been on many in Stockholm but never found any here, so I started one myself.

  • Nordic.js/design volunteer

    Back in the fall of 2018 I, together with many others, helped organize the design and development conference of and Nordic.js in Stockholm.


Wijkmanska Highschool

Technical degree | 2015-2018